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How to release the album?
April 20, 2010, 3:09 pm
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Hello The Brimstone Family!

Today I just want to ask you all a question. The album we are recording is our first and absolutely the best we’ve ever done 🙂 We want to present this in the best way possible to you. We are going to release it digital so you can find it on Spotify and Itunes store for example but we’ve also discussed to release it physically. Have you heard of this thing called a cd? Do you still buy them? If we are going to do this we would need to pre-sell the first albums to get enough money to make it possible. We are very interested in the thought of vinyl because it’s the ultimate way to enjoy good music. Some might get upset when I say this but there’s no CD that can give the same feeling as when you hear that scratching sound when the needle touches the vinyl. The Vinyl is also the only alternative were the artwork gets the space it deserves. The downside is that it’s so expensive and we need to sell a lot more copies to brake even.

How would you like it? If we are on Spotify and Itunes store do you need a CD as well? Or do you want it on Vinyl so you really can enjoy it the old-school way? Do you need two or maybe just one please help us answer the poll so we know how you want it! We can’t promise that we will do as you say but we are going to aim for it!



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