The Brimstone Days

Studio Diary Day 4, Blisters, Beauty and a Big thank you!

Hello Brimstone Family!

Friday was one of the best days in my life! …and one of the absolutely hardest.

We entered the studio at 11 in the morning and left it at 12 at night. During these 12 hours we recorded all guitar dubs and solos on 10 songs. It was, the least you can say, intense! 20 minute lunch brake and only 3 short brakes this is not ideal I know but we had to do it like this. It was a battle against the clock but we were not prepared to cut down on quality. This was a stress factor as well when you hear the producer say “You played it right but you can do it better”. Erik Wiss, the producer, is a man with two ears. Many people has two ears, actually most of them, but these ears are blessed with the ability to hear  when you are performing at your best. Erik sat with me the whole day and pushed me to bend that note a little better, to give that chord a little more bite, to give that funky little bit a little more funk. I owe him a huge thank you and I don’t think I’ve ever performed better than this in a studio. There is a down side to this as well though, because I started to doubt my guitar skills in the progress and when I thought to my self ” I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong”. That was when I thought “I’m going to show you” and just hit the guitar with everything I had. Erik says with a sparkle in his eyes ” there you go, that wasn’t that hard, was it?” No it wasn’t, I said…..  So thats how the day went on for 12 hours, mixing total despair and absolute euphoria. I hope that I don’t give a negative description of the day because although it was hard I’ve never had such a exciting and challenging day before.

When I got home from the studio I passed out and on the day after I went to pick up a glass I couldn’t grip it properly because of blisters on my fingertips. I haven’t had blisters like this since I started to play guitar 11 years ago. This must be a sign, I have to challenge my guitar skills and start to improve it. Thank you again Erik!

What’s left to record for the album is the vocals and percussion. This will be another great challenge to enjoy.

On the 30th we are going to Stockholm to play The Cave! We are so excited about this and it will be very cool to meet new people and hopefully spread the Brimstone Family further across our county. We will soon add more pictures here.

Take care



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