The Brimstone Days

Recording vs. Liveperformance

Hello Brimstone Family!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Been thinking back and forth about our future. We are fortunate enough to have a dream and fortunate enough to being able to pursue this dream. We want to make a living on my music! We want to tour the world!

There are few things that makes me so happy as playing music and the fact that people are comming up to us after the gigs telling us that they liked it is a bonus. So now when we are recording we are always considering if we could do this or that live. Because of our aim to be the liveact that makes you dance and sing along we are always putting our live performance first. I don’t know how many times we’ve cut out a guitar solo or made the bassline simpler just because it’s the best for the song.

It is our absolute belief that you can feel this when you come to a gig of ours. If you can’t feel the Love we got for playing our music to you, you should let us know because then we have failed!

I hope to ser you at a gig soon so we can show you what we mean.

Below is pictures taken from todays recording session.

Take care


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