The Brimstone Days

What’s on the horizon this week?
May 24, 2010, 6:12 am
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Hello Brimstone Family!

So last week we had two gigs both with guitar insidents wich is not ok. I have gone through the whole thing and I’ve fixed the problems(I hope!). The best thing with the insidents ia that now we know that it’s not a problem, we know how to handle it. We’ve played enough gigs to be comfortable enough to take it easy. I’m deffinately not saying that we got all the expirience in the world and got nothing more to learn, Im just saying that we are on our way. It feels good to know that we can handle the situation.
Well now we are looking forward!

Whats on the horizon?
It’s yet another wonderful and busy week.
Monday and wednesday we are rehearsing. We’re working on some new material, one song is breathing soul. It feels good to bring in some more soul to The Brimstone Days.

On thursday we are recording lead and backing vocals. We might just throw in some percussion if the clock allows it.

Friday we are playing at Utkanten wich is going to be so much fun. We got a facebook event on our fanpage. You should come and dance with us!

Saturday we got a open air gig at a friends housewarming. Fingers crossed for great weather with lots and lots of sun!

Well more reports from this week will come!

Take care


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